head-line.com AGOur customers can almost always tell, if we are in the office in the capital of many almost-built things or not, just by the quality of the phone calls. If the transmission is crisp and clear, we must be on vacation, probably in Albania or so.

Worse even, as soon as you would reach the capital's city limits, some of the calls would end abruptly. So the Telco engineers went above and beyond and are about to put a new 5G system in place. Some say it is so strong now that it would let your office windows melt whenever you receive a phone call. But then on the upside your phone would probably charge wirelessly at the same time, which is a good thing. Apart from the IoT blessings it will bring along eventually.

Why am I telling this?

Recently I was driving to an appointment in Poland which is not too far from here and meanwhile would try on the phone convincing a prospect customer, whom we have been recommended to, why our company would be the right choice for searching for his new senior sales management.

Knowledge of opportunities and skills for migrants and companies.

A challenge for the working world is still the positioning of qualified personnel. Since migration is an issue that can not be stopped, the right conditions for an orderly procedure must be created.
Internationally, a qualified person seeking a future in another country must be given an opportunity to find a suitable job. Even before embarking on the journey, the new career perspective should be clarified. The legal possibilities provide that professionals may enter.

Would recruiting without a middleman be an advantage for companies?

Would recruiting without a middleman be an advantage for companies?

We completely cut out the many middlemen in the HR sector and create full transparency about the individual qualifications and requirements of the employers.

In the new HR ecosystem of HEAD-LINE.com, candidates have the opportunity to maintain their skill set and to supplement it on an ongoing basis. Here, skills can be confirmed by third parties, which leads to high credibility and security. Companies then have access to required skills in the system, which can be narrowed down to find new candidates for vacancies. While the skills are stored in the blockchain, the personal data remains solely on the candidate's device. Data remains the property.

Thank you for feedback or a discussion about this important market.

HEAD-LINE.com APPAfter 20 Years of classical business in hr, now we bring our knowledge to a global scale - labour on blockchain, career in an app. Our business becomes hyperscalable with a community driven hr-ecosystem.

If you consider the classic situation of a job that an employer wants to fill: The challenge is to immediately find the right candidate, to identify him for an available offer. In addition to one's own activities, such as placing advertisements
or publishing offers on the company's own website, the use of a large number of Internet portals is supplemented by the possibility of using recruitment agencies.
Our system aims to offer candidates and entrepreneurs an opportunity to get to know each other without the help of an intermediary.

What tools are you currently using to find staff for your business?

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HEAD-LINE.com Leadership in HR and High-TechICO for accredited investors open - The HR.ecosystem

Leadership. Provided and protected. This is our motto for almost 20 years in executive search and recruiting. It applies to both candidates and employer companies. It is relevant to almost everyone.
Now we bring our professional knowledge to a global scale - labour on blockchain, career in an app. Our business becomes hyperscalable with a community driven hr- ecosystem.
We entirely cut out the many middle men and create full transparency about individual skills supplies and demands of employers. Be curious.

Umfrage zur Zufriedenheit von IT-Spezialisten von HEAD-LINE.com AGOnline-Umfrage für Spezialisten aus der IT-Branche gestartet.

Gemäß der Grundfrage "Wie zufrieden sind Sie mit Ihrem Arbeitgeber" hat die HEAD-LINE.com AG eine Umfrage herausgegeben, die sich an IT-Fachkräfte richtet. Auf der Online-Plattform des Unternehmens können die Fragen durch anklicken passender Antworten beantwortet werden - dafür sind nur wenige Minuten nötig.

Die HEAD-LINE.com Aktiengesellschaft ist seit mehr als 20 Jahren weltweit für eine große Zahl von Unternehmen erfolgreich tätig. Das Kerngeschäft beinhaltet spezielle Executive Search und Recruiting-Dienste für die Branchen IT, Telekommunikation, Automotive, Luft- und Raumfahrt, Verteidigung sowie Banken.

Join our ICO in private sale for accreditd investorsHEAD-LINE.com has been successful in the personal consulting field for more than 20 years.

Now we are developing a new platform in which the parties can get to know each other without the usual middleman.

The employer, the employee, the education-provider. Developed on the latest technology, using a powerful and secure blockchain, career planning becomes easy like a game.

Become part of the HEADLINE.com community, join our ecosystem and participate in our non-public Presale and the ICO.