Our core business is providing special executive search services for the IT, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, defence and banking industries.

We are the preferred or sole strategic partner of our clients for all their benchmarking and staffing projects. Our experts have extensive industry knowledge and comprehensive knowledge of occupations.

Our consulting portfolio also encompasses individual additional services that are tailored to individuals or organisations.


With more than 20 years of success in the recruiting market in high tech, HEAD-LINE’s claim is: Leadership, provided and protected! This applies to both individuals and organizations. Whichever companies name comes to your mind, be sure we know it well. Now we bring our knowledge to a global scale - labour on a blockchain, career in an app.


Falk Maschitzki

Falk Maschitzki


More than 20 years in international human resources management and bespoke services. Head-Hunter.

Frank Ehlert

Frank Ehlert


Digital Expert.
Marketing, communication and strategy.