Head-Line APP - The HR-Ecosystem

Leadership. Provided and protected.

This is our motto for almost 20 years in executive search and recruiting.
It applies to both candidates and employing organizations. It is relevant to almost everyone.

Now we bring our knowledge to a global scale - labour on blockchain, career in an app.

Our business becomes hyperscalable with a community driven hr-ecosystem.

We entirely cut out the many middle men and create full transparency about individual skills supplies and demands of employers.

We take control of the global sourcing, recruitment and staffing markets.

We enable qualification based, multidirectional migration on a global scale.

The core is a full parametric (community driven) skill editor with the ability of fuzzy matching supply and demand.

With smart contracts individual skills will be approved by current or past employers as well as by colleagues or companies, so that each candidate gets a professional, approved outside view on his skills and abilities.

With the help of AI and predictive analytics all possible future career paths are visible and executable, multi-step careers can be planned.

Any knowledge gap in particular skills, as it occurs in a matching process, can instantly be filled with educational offers, provided by third party educational providers.

A conversational interface (text and speech chatbot, AR and VR added later) will guide all the parties through the process.

A custom overlay to maps shows dynamic search results of supply and demand at an instant in a thrilling, gamification-like way and adds useful third party provider offerings on demand.

We are adding more third party providers for well rounded packages, all associated to this market: educational institutions, relocation, outplacement, housing, car hire companies etc.

Employing organizations will instantly find and contact approved candidates as well as conduct additional, in depth chatbot interviews with only a short list of matching candidates, they invite only both matching, qualified and willing candidates.

Employing companies easily see, where their needed skills are allocated: inside or outside of the company and where geographically, for further decision making.

Candidates see where they are on a dynamic ranking list among their peers and how to cover more ground in their careers, and what exactly to do to increase their market value.

There is no such app that so many people would love to use on a daily basis to plan and predict their careers. The currently most used apps are social network, messenger and gaming apps.


There is no such app that generates an entirely hidden network for sustainable individual benefit of its user. Current apps display abilities and restrictions in public.

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