inPlace core principles

We treat all client relationships confidentially at all times and guarantee maximum discretion.
"We do not discuss our clients."

We search for specialists and executives exclusively on the basis of qualified sources and references.
We only place candidates that are under no pressure to find a new position and have a first-class record - i.e. those who have no need to respond to job advertisements and would therefore not be found by our clients without our assistance.

We do not regard our work to be finished until the advertised position has actually been filled by the best possible person. We only accept mandates if we can fulfil the promises that we make.

The employees of our clients are never approached by us at any time in connection with other mandates.

Our methodology is transparently explained to you at all times and comprises the following steps, with the objective of meeting your personnel requirements in the fastest possible time while maintaining our own high quality standards.

Our experts have comprehensive knowledge of specific industries, all the way through to personal acquaintance with key individuals in the target environment.

Based on this consistently up-to-date background information, we are able to present suitable candidates to you at any time and to check their availability, if necessary by means of persuasion.