Complex reintegration

This holistic solution is a further development of the formerly-used outplacement concept through its implementation in career management methodology. It is implemented by accompanying participating candidates into a new position which would correspond to a logical career step.
This completely eliminates the potential for conflict with employee representatives and avoids the costs of severance payments or disputes under employment law.

It also creates the possibility of presenting restructuring processes as positive in communications and the external effect to be similarly positive. A concealed implementation of this measure is also possible.

We help candidates to preparation for their new position, support them in exploratory discussions with potentially interested parties, and conduct individual coaching sessions and placements.

After successful completion of the project, alumni are sometimes the most convincing proof of the viability of this unique methodology.

Complex reintegration helps companies and employees to act in a sustainable, trustworthy and future-oriented manner.

An innovative further development of the former "outplacement" concept
Consistent implementation by accompanying the participating candidates until they have taken up a new position

The difference

In contrast to conventional outplacement, newPlace avoids the image impact of growth-oriented management.

  • No dramatic effects on the external perception of a company on the market
  • No early disclosure of objectives and the associated competitive disadvantages
  • Avoidance of conflicts and disputes with employee representatives
  • Avoidance of significant and sometimes incalculable additional financial burdens and risks (settlements, disputes under employment law)