HEAD-LINE.com - Leadership in HR and high-tech.

HEAD-LINE.com Leadership in HR and High-TechICO for accredited investors open - The HR.ecosystem

Leadership. Provided and protected. This is our motto for almost 20 years in executive search and recruiting. It applies to both candidates and employer companies. It is relevant to almost everyone.
Now we bring our professional knowledge to a global scale - labour on blockchain, career in an app. Our business becomes hyperscalable with a community driven hr- ecosystem.
We entirely cut out the many middle men and create full transparency about individual skills supplies and demands of employers. Be curious.

HEAD-LINE.com has more than 20 years of success in the recruiting market in high-tech. We are the preferred or sole strategic partner of our clients for all their benchmarking and staffing projects. Our experts have extensive industry knowledge and comprehensive knowledge of occupations. Now we are launching the HR-ecosystem and are open for investors of our ICO.

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