Qualified migration as a key to the skilled worker situation?

Knowledge of opportunities and skills for migrants and companies.

A challenge for the working world is still the positioning of qualified personnel. Since migration is an issue that can not be stopped, the right conditions for an orderly procedure must be created.
Internationally, a qualified person seeking a future in another country must be given an opportunity to find a suitable job. Even before embarking on the journey, the new career perspective should be clarified. The legal possibilities provide that professionals may enter.

Among other things, the HEAD-LINE.com HR Ecosystem details this aspect.
We enable qualification based, multidirectional migration on a global scale.
The core is a full parametric (community driven) skill editor with the ability of fuzzy matching supply and demand.

Thus, both professionals and companies can narrow the perimeter and the required skills and get to know each other across borders. The HEAD-LINE.com system is based on secure and easy-to-use technologies: Labour on the blockchain, career in an app.

HEAD-LINE.com has more than 20 years of success in the recruiting market in high-tech.
Now we are launching the HR-ecosystem and are open for investors of our ICO.
We are the preferred or sole strategic partner of our clients for all their benchmarking and staffing projects. Our experts have extensive industry knowledge and comprehensive knowledge of occupations.

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