Always Be Closing, No Matter The Circumstances AGOur customers can almost always tell, if we are in the office in the capital of many almost-built things or not, just by the quality of the phone calls. If the transmission is crisp and clear, we must be on vacation, probably in Albania or so.

Worse even, as soon as you would reach the capital's city limits, some of the calls would end abruptly. So the Telco engineers went above and beyond and are about to put a new 5G system in place. Some say it is so strong now that it would let your office windows melt whenever you receive a phone call. But then on the upside your phone would probably charge wirelessly at the same time, which is a good thing. Apart from the IoT blessings it will bring along eventually.

Why am I telling this?

Recently I was driving to an appointment in Poland which is not too far from here and meanwhile would try on the phone convincing a prospect customer, whom we have been recommended to, why our company would be the right choice for searching for his new senior sales management.

On the last forty something kilometres before the border to Poland, the mobile phone network became so weak that we had to try to phone each other for several times and I had to repeat the facts allover again. I told them, that with all of our customers we would generate repeat business. This is mainly because we place already every second or third candidate of our shortlist. In addition to that the candidates would always be overachieving for the years to follow. This is only possible because we talk to all possible candidates ahead of presenting them and are checking references and track records thoroughly. And all of that for twenty years now with a lot of passion.

Thoroughly is indeed the proper expression for what had happened by the time I arrived at the border. The customer admitted that because I had to repeat our unique selling points for so often throughout the rather bumpy phone call, by now they were not only convinced that our company is the right choice for them to work with. But as well would they be able to represent our company themselves now to new potential customers. Actually, they are giving a lot of good reference about our work, which we really do appreciate.

As soon as I had arrived in Poland we came to the pricing for their order and guess what. The mobile network had become so powerful that in the background I could even hear a ton of emails arriving all at once, while we were able to exchange our thoughts without any further interruption.

Which brings me to the idea that - while prospecting - I shall always drive to Poland.